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While I was watching a bit of the football game on Sunday and I wondered if Pat Summerall is somehow jealous or bitter towards John Madden because of Madden's relative success in hardware store advertisements. If you don't remember, Summerall advertised for True Value and Madden for Ace Hardware, but it's been a long time since I've seen a True Value ad or commercial. Ace features Madden on their website but True Value makes no mention of Summerall. In fact, there are only a few pages on the web that mention the Summerall-True Value connection. (Here's a little proof of existence if you need it.) I'm sure Summerall can conceed to Madden's success in the video game arena, but as hardware guys they should have been equal. In fact, if you were involved in a building project of your own, who would you rather have running around with sharp tools? Give me Summerall anyday - Madden would be a couple lost fingers waiting to happen.

So why is this now so interesting? I just read at that the Summerall/Madden broadcast team is being broken up. I don't expect there to be anything mentioned about hardware store advertising, but you have to wonder if that's what's behind all of this. And if so, how in the world did I peer into the future and extract such a bizarre piece of information? I should have posted my theory last Sunday, but in case anyone challenges me I do have a witness. If I'm right, we're headed to Vegas.


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Ten years ago yesterday I scrobbled my first tracks to What's scrobbling? On, scrobbling refers to automatic music track logging to the internet. For me, uploading a record of my music listening habits was my first real experience with "Web 2.0." Remember Web 2.0? It referred to websites of user-generated content that enabled virtual communities and interoperability. Now such sites are too ubiquitous on the web to warrant a special designation — they're just the web. But that wasn't true in 2006, and even though I'd been putting content on the internet since 1996, at the time it was enough to make me a little nervous. What did these strangers want with my data, and what was in it for me?

Ten years and 24,941 scrobbles later, I have my answer: I have a really cool record of all the music I've listened to the past 10 years! Well, not "all," technically: I've certainly listened to music in places and on devices that didn't …

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15 years and 1,213 posts! My first experience with the World Wide Web came in 1995, and by 1997 I had my own web page. The first web authoring tool I remember using was Composer, an HTML editor built into the Netscape Communicator suite. That helped me learn some HTML, and later I used Microsoft Word 97 and then FrontPage 98 and later Macromedia Dreamweaver to design more elaborate pages. Some of my FrontPage-built sites are still on the web. As I learned more about HTML standards and validation I wrote more HTML by hand, but I still wanted a way to make publishing to the web easier.

By 2001 I understood that (a) sites should be updated regularly and (b) FTP'ing sites and pages from my desktop to a server was a bit of a pain. I had heard about some early blogging platforms and chose one, Blogger, to try out. As you can see, I'm still here.
My first post using Blogger came on December 8, 2001. A few months later I paid for Blogger Pro, which offered additional authoring tools, l…
If you find this page, congratulations. It's not exactly public yet. I've been maintaining a website at for several years, but my time at the university is coming to an end and I've established as a more permanent home on the web. I'm not yet sure how I want to juggle all the content of the site, but with this page I've decided to give Blogger a try. It provides a convenient, web-based interface for updating web logs, or "blogs". I don't have a lot of time at the moment to give this site the polish it needs, but I figure I'll give this a try and see if I like it. If not, I can always go back to the old-fashioned ways that have served me thus far. Let's hope Blogger doesn't go broke...