While I was watching a bit of the football game on Sunday and I wondered if Pat Summerall is somehow jealous or bitter towards John Madden because of Madden's relative success in hardware store advertisements. If you don't remember, Summerall advertised for True Value and Madden for Ace Hardware, but it's been a long time since I've seen a True Value ad or commercial. Ace features Madden on their website but True Value makes no mention of Summerall. In fact, there are only a few pages on the web that mention the Summerall-True Value connection. (Here's a little proof of existence if you need it.) I'm sure Summerall can conceed to Madden's success in the video game arena, but as hardware guys they should have been equal. In fact, if you were involved in a building project of your own, who would you rather have running around with sharp tools? Give me Summerall anyday - Madden would be a couple lost fingers waiting to happen.

So why is this now so interesting? I just read at ESPN.com that the Summerall/Madden broadcast team is being broken up. I don't expect there to be anything mentioned about hardware store advertising, but you have to wonder if that's what's behind all of this. And if so, how in the world did I peer into the future and extract such a bizarre piece of information? I should have posted my theory last Sunday, but in case anyone challenges me I do have a witness. If I'm right, we're headed to Vegas.

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