2021 Ride the Rockies

In January of 2020, I set my sights on riding Ride the Rockies. After finishing my 5th RAGBRAI in 2019 and riding both the Buffalo Bicycle Challenge and Pedal the Plains that fall, riding the premiere bicycle tour in Colorado was something I wanted to do. As spring approached, I trained, kept my weight down, and then saw my plans change as the COVID-19 pandemic triggered the cancellation of all the summer bicycle tours. Given the choice of a refund or moving my registration to 2021, I moved my registration. Riding the Rockies would have to wait another year. As it turned out, even if the organizers hadn’t postponed RTR in 2020, I wouldn’t have done it. In April, I had shock wave lithotripsy to break up a kidney stone, and in May, I got a deep vein thrombosis in my left calf. (These were unrelated. I’d had bouts with kidney stones for a few years, and, the best I can tell, the DVT was triggered by the abrupt transition from a super-hard Zwift ride in the late evening to sleeping wit

That was a year, I guess

A nearly empty Highway 36 in March of 2020 I'm back for my now-customary year-end blog post. A few hours ago I was thinking I should hurry up and process a bunch of photos to include here, and I should gather some statistics about how much I rode my bicycle, or how many hours of TV and movies I watched. But now I'm writing and I haven't done any of that. I think that's 2020 in a nutshell -- a year in which big plans were set aside in favor of just getting through the basics. I sort of remember the part of 2020 before March 13, but not very well. I was working, as usual, and I made a couple trips around the state to visit schools. A few of those trips involved snowstorms, which were things people had to deal with when they still left their homes. But then the pandemic spread, and everything changed. By late February and early March, I ramped up my grocery shopping and prepared for a long stay at home. I guess you could say I saw it coming, but like most people, I was sur

Y2K + 20

I have made a habit of posting on December 31, if for no other reason to ensure that I've posted at least yearly on this blog since 2001. I found an old post titled " Y2K + 10 " that I wrote 10 years ago, so the logical title for this post must be "Y2K + 20." I only have a few hours before the year, and the decade, comes to a close, so I'll try to pick a highlight from each month to show what I'll remember most from 2019. January Midwinter skies from the new apartment A year ago I was closing the door on my old apartment at CU Boulder, bringing to a final close my long tenure there as a graduate student. And what a wonderful tenure it was! That meant I spent a lot of January trying to get settled into a new apartment. In hindsight, it's been a really good move for me. I do miss aspects of Boulder, but I have a more comfortable living space here and it's cut my commute by about 15 minutes. February I was on the road quite a bit for w