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Iowa-to-Colorado Translation Guide

It's not difficult to find Iowans in Colorado. We're everywhere. Even more, I'm sure more Iowans are getting ready to move to Colorado right now. As an Iowan-turned-Coloradoan myself, I thought I should provide this translation guide. Coloradoan says... Iowan hears... Denver Des Moines Boulder/University of Colorado Iowa City/University of Iowa Ames/Iowa State University Fort Collins/Colorado State University Durango Decorah Skiing Wrestling Olathe Sweet Corn Any sweet corn you can buy at a street corner from a couple of kids in the back of a pickup The Post The Register The Gazette The Courier "I spent a winter as a ski bum in Leadville." "I spent a summer as a detasseler in Osage." Denver Broncos Football Aplington-Parkersburg Football (based on fan loyalty and news coverage) Pueblo Chile Frijoles Fest Ackley Sauerkraut Days Mt. Elbert Hawkeye Hill Castle Rock Story City Park Meadows Jordan Creek Vail Oko