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Peter Arnett Update

Just hours after getting the axe by NBC and National Geographic, you can now find Peter Arnett working for the British tabloid "The Mirror", found online at . I'm not too sure about the reputation of The Mirror, but I get the feeling that Arnett will be free to report as he wishes. His newest article can be found at . If you like the mirror, you may want to check out the UK-based "Independent" at . I particularly enjoy Robert Fisk's articles (even if I don't always agree with him). I wrote about Robert Fisk about a year ago at . If after reading his articles you feel disgusted by the contents, turn on an AM radio station in the afternoon and listen to Rush Limbaugh for a few minutes, then turn him off and search your mind for a "perso

Peter Arnett and the TV War

I haven't been commenting on it, but yes, I've been taking in enormous amounts of war coverage. That's really not surprising, given that I watch a lot of news in the first place. While stories of people getting killed are upsetting enough, I was quite bothered by the firing of Peter Arnett by NBC and National Geographic. I heard some of Arnett's comments to Iraqi TV and thought they were inappropriate, but not worth him being fired. It's funny how our right to freedom of speech protects us from wrongful termination, yet as a journalist Arnett lost his job because his bosses felt he lost his objectivity, which is usually thought to be essential for good journalism. Then again, who benefits more from free speech than journalists? As for my viewing patterns thus far, I still rely on MSNBC for most of my news (I swear Lester Holt works 20 hours a day) but I've come to really enjoy Aaron Brown and General (Ret.) Wesley Clark on CNN's NewsNight. For analy

Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

I don't know what Dusty Baker told his team before the game today, but he can keep this up. A 15-2 win over the Mets in New York with the temperature hovering just above 40 degrees? Kerry Wood was on his game, Corey Patterson is making an early season run at the triple crown (.667 AVG, 2 HR, 7 RBI), and the bullpen was outstanding. Oh yeah, that triple crown reference is just a joke - I know nobody can keep that up. Likewise, I don't expect the Cubs to always score 15 runs per game, but it was a great way to start a season. All that and Stoney too!

March Madness

Got your NCAA basketball tournament brackets all filled out? I do. I filled it out as fast as I could cut and paste, but that's fine with me. Like most people, it just makes following the tournament a little more fun. Now if I could only predict the brackets for the 330 Division I wrestlers competing this weekend in their NCAA tournament...

The Colin Quinn Theory (Update)

I just looked it up, and yes, I have talked about Colin Quinn before (see post below for reference). I knew I had seen him in some kind of show recently, and I had forgotten all about it. Apparently Colin Quinn had his own, prime-time, live TV show on NBC only a year ago, but it had totally faded from my memory. You can read for yourself here . The Colin Quinn Theory continues...

The Colin Quinn Theory

I don't think I've mentioned this before, but since Colin Quinn has a new show coming on in 2 minutes ("Tough Crowd" on Comedy Central), now's a good time to let the world know. I think Colin Quinn is great, and he does some really funny stuff, but none of it lasts. His stint on Saturday Night Live? Good, but gone. His movie career? In and out. I think his longest stint anywhere was his sidekick gig on MTV's "Remote Control" in the late 80s. "Tough Crowd" has now started and it borrows heavily from the format established by Bill Maher on his now-defunct "Politically Incorrect", except all four guests are comics, and the show is as much about being fast and funny as actually discussing the issues. (I think I'm cheating...I swear I saw this show on a few months ago...either that was a trial period or my ESP is getting much better.) It's pretty good, especially if you're like me and like comics and stand up com

Chip and Stoney

I turned on the TV today and what did I hear? The sweet, sweet sounds of Steve Stone doing Cubs color commentary. It's as if my worries melted away for a moment and all was right with the world again. Even though I played some baseball as a young lad, I think I've learned more about how the game of baseball should be played from Steve Stone than any coach I've ever had. I grew up listening to Harry Caray and Steve Stone, and with Harry's enthusiasm and Stoney's knowledge of the game, I became a baseball fan. Well, not just a baseball fan - I became a Cubs fan . While there are many good color commentators out there, there's something about the way Steve Stone describes the game and interacts with his play-by-play man that I really like. I managed to get by the past couple of years without Stoney, but I sure am glad to have him back. Oh yeah - the Cubs won, too. :)