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0 for 3

Weekend Plan #1: Drive to Iowa and back to watch the national duals wrestling tournament . Trip canceled due to weather. Weekend Plan #2: Drive to Florence to help out with the Husky Invitational wrestling tournament. Trip canceled due to weather. Weekend Plan #3: Walk to school to help out with concessions during basketball games. The walk to school was successful, but the games were canceled due to weather. So here I am, 0 for 3, but you know what? This isn't all that bad. Short of actually making it to national duals, having a weekend to myself is probably the next best thing. I'll have time to catch up on grading papers and I can watch all the football games. Not bad at all.

New Year, New Post

I'm finally catching onto this Web 2.0 stuff. I created a Google account and started poking around at all the new tools. First I started playing with Google Docs and Spreadsheets and even using a spreadsheet collaboratively with a fellow teacher. Cool stuff. I setup a Gmail account, although I'll be sticking with my regular account for my primary email. Maybe the best find was Google Reader , an RSS feed reader. I had been using the Sage extension for Firefox , but Google Reader is much nicer. As a news junkie with dialup internet access, feed readers are a necessity. (I'm currently off dialup ...more on that later, along with other news on where I'm at and what I'm doing.) I've also started using Google Notebook and Google Calendar , although neither with much frequency. Eventually this all had to lead back to what was probably my first Web 2.0 tool, Blogger. I've been a Blogger user since the end of 2001 (sparingly, I admit, but I was a B