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Happy Holidays! Yes, I'm still alive...I sorta forgot about this whole web log thing, and as you can see, I haven't updated it in months. Oh well - it's not like there was any earth shattering news to reveal. But I'm still kicking, trust me. I'm still not in the permanent employment business, but I've been getting along by doing substitute teaching. Other than not working on a regular basis, I rather like subbing - I get to work with kids, occasionally I get to actually teach something, and I never have to stay after school to correct papers or plan lessons. That has to be the best part, even though it is something I would gladly do if I taught full time. It (and lots of other things) just comes with the job, but for now I'm relieved of those responsibilities.

So how goes the search for a "real" job? That seems to be what everybody always asks me about, so I'll tell you. I've been as unsuccessful as I have been patient, which I guess is a pretty good combination. (For myself, at least...other people's patience is understandably wearing thin.) Maybe I set my sights too high, applying for a lot of jobs in competitive markets where I've been one of dozens (if not hundreds) of applicants. They were great jobs, but apparently hard to get for somebody entry-level like me. The last week or so I've hit the market pretty hard again, and I think I have the right outlook this time. I won't go into much detail about what I do and don't want (potential employers are hopefully reading this, after all), but I'm now focusing on jobs that I feel very good and excited about. With a little luck I'll be working soon, doing good things for an organization I believe in. I think it will come sooner than later, so stay tuned...

There isn't much other news to report, so I'll just save up any bits I have and report again sometime in the future. I've been reading some pretty good books lately, so maybe I'll mention those. My family doesn't get too carried away for the holidays, but maybe that will generate some posts as well. In any case, thanks for reading and have a great holiday season!

And snow! Please! I'm serious! Just snow, snow, snow!!!

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