Sports Roundup

Anybody see the Texas-Kansas game last night? By far the best basketball game I've seen this season, especially after watching that 37-point turnaround that Arizona had on Kansas just last Saturday. Yes, I'm a Kansas fan. I remember rooting for Danny Manning back in 1988, and although my dedication has wondered, they're still my favorite college basketball team. I'm from the same hometown as Nick Collison, so I pay more attention now than ever, and last night he played the game of his career - 24 points and 23 rebounds against a very good Texas frontcourt. Kansas isn't nearly as consistent this year as they were last year, but come tournament time I don't think any team will want them in their bracket. (The same can be said for about 15 other teams...isn't college basketball great?)

Big win last Sunday for the UNI wrestling team as they beat Iowa State at Hilton Coliseum. ISU isn't exactly having their best year, but it's a high-quality win for UNI in any case. I remember taking that road trip with the UNI wrestlers back during my freshman year of college (I volunteered as somewhat of a team manager) and I think it was my sophomore year when Bobby Douglas (the ISU coach) yelled at me for having problems with the scoreboard at UNI's West Gym. I have a lot of respect for Bobby Douglas, but when he's fired up he can be pretty intimidating. Anyway, we lost both of those duals to Iowa State, and all of them since then...until Sunday. If UNI wrestles extremely well we may have a shot at #1 Oklahoma State this next Saturday. It might be a bit of a long shot, but wrestling's a funny sport...

What other sporting events have happened in the past couple of days...oh yeah, the Super Bowl! I wasn't too much of a fan of the teams this year, and the game wasn't all that good, but I had a good time nonetheless. Madden and Michaels always do a good job in the booth, and as I get older I realize how the broadcasters influence my enjoyment of the game. I probably didn't give that sort of thing much thought until Harry Caray died, but now I definitely have my favorites and ones that I'd rather not listen to. This was the first time in a long time where I watched all of the performances along with the game, and even though it involved some artists I wouldn't normally listen to, I thought it was a pretty good show. Maybe choosing Celine Dion (a French Canadian) to sing "God Bless America" was a questionable choice, but stuff like that (the irony, not the music) can help liven up the experience.

By the way, if anybody is looking to hire an entry-level office linebacker, feel free to contact me...

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