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I generally don't try to get into too many books at once, but here's what's keeping my bookmarks busy:

Everest: A Mountaineering History by Walt Unsworth (This is the single most complete record of Everest history available - 700+ pages!)
Life and Death on Mt. Everest by Sherry Ortner (An anthropologist's look at Sherpa culture - very much an academic read)
Dumbing Down Our Kids: Why America's Children Feel Good About Themselves but Can't Read, Write, or Add (One of my favorite assigned readings 5 years ago in my teaching courses - I decided to re-read it to see if I feel the same way)

I've recently finished:
Everest: The West Ridge by Thomas Hornbein (My 2nd time reading this one - I read it in "celebration" of the 40th anniversary of the 1963 American Everest Expedition)
National Geographic, May 2003 (This single issue rivals many Everest books, mostly for its great pictures, amazing maps, and well-selected writings)
Colorado's Fourteeners: From Hikes to Climbs by Gerry Roach (Reading a guidebook cover-to-cover really isn't all that bad if you're interested enough on the topic)
View from the Summit : The Remarkable Memoir by the First Person to Conquer Everest by Sir Edmund Hillary (My 3rd book by Sir Ed - a lot of the stories get re-told, but that doesn't mean they aren't good stories...)
Touching My Father's Soul: A Sherpa's Journey to the Top of Everest by Jamling Tenzing Norgay (An excellent book - of all the books generated by the 1996 Everest season (Into Thin Air, The Climb, etc.), this one has to be one of the absolute best because of its point of view)

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