J.R. Cash

Whenever somebody asks me, "Do you listen to country music?" I would always reply, "No, but I listen to Johnny Cash." I was one of the New Cash Fans that started listening when Johnny Cash teamed up with Rick Rubin to release "American Recordings" in 1994. There was just something engaging about the music - simple, understandable, and pure. I'm a proud owner of all four of his American releases, along with his "Live at Folsom Prison and San Quentin" album, and those five won't be the last Cash albums in my collection.

It wasn't like we didn't see Johnny's death coming. Not because of his continuous illnesses, but because of the recent loss of his wife, June Carter Cash. She wasn't supposed to die first, and it wasn't hard to imagine that without her his next bout with pneumonia, or diabetes, or any of his other ailments would be his last. And so it was.

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