Meet The Press - On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd say President Bush's performance Sunday on Meet The Press ranked about a 5. I can't say I really learned anything, or have a keener insight into our president's decision-making processes, but it was good to see him take the questions. His responses were consistent, if not repetitious, and his appearance took back some of the attention lost to John Kerry and the other Democrats trying to put him out of a job. He may have survived Tim Russert, but he'll have some work to do when real debates come around.

NFL Pro Bowl - I passed on the Grammys this year to watch the Pro Bowl, and I'm very glad I did. Instead of being the usual "Let's Hope Nobody Gets Hurt Bowl", this one featured some great individual performances and was a great game to watch. Plus, being an NFC fan, I was greatly pleased with the outcome. The NHL All-Star Game was also yesterday, but I'm just not a hockey fan. Given that the Avs are second only to the Broncos in popularity in the Colorado pro sports world, maybe that will change someday. Don't hold your breath.

Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk - Watching Kansas on ESPN's Big Monday is a really nice replacement for Monday Night Football. Tonight should be a good game - taking on Oklahoma State on the road - and Kansas has a good shot to win if they play like they did against Texas Tech last weekend. If Keith Langford plays better than his sub-par performance Saturday, that good shot to win looks considerably better.

Snow In The Kingdom - I'm about halfway through Ed Webster's Snow In The Kingdom: My Storm Years On Everest and I'm very impressed. Webster's skills as a writer and photographer exceed those of most of his peers, and his era in climbing history (1980's) is one that has mostly escaped my reading thus far.

Website Reconstruction - I'm not planning a major design overhaul, but I have a week of break coming up and I'd really like to dig into the guts of this website. My goals are to improve the CSS implementation, move from .shtml to PHP (which will open up many more possibilities in the future), standardize and validate all the HTML (I'll probably go with XHTML 1.0 Strict, but we'll see), explore the use of Creative Commons licenses for my writing and photography, and maybe add some content. Going with W3C-validated code site-wide means redoing the trip sections of the site. Nearly all of them were created with Microsoft FrontPage (even one with Word!), and while it served its purpose for me at the time, knowing the kind of code it generated is nearly enough to keep me awake at night. This would be a lot of work and I'd lose all those fancy FrontPage-generated graphics, banners, and buttons, but if I work enough CSS magic I'll have a more consistent look and feel site-wide, better accessibility, while still maintaining some distinction between each trip.

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