Snow brings a three-day weekeend...

It didn't happen until late April, but we finally had a sizeable snowstorm here. It was a warm, wet, heavy snow, so heavy that only 3-4 inches was enough to break trees and branches around town, causing many brief electrical outages. After having the driest March around here since 1911, we've had almost 4.5 inches of precipitation this month, far above our 1.25-inch average. And don't worry about the snow being around long - by this afternoon we'll have temperatures in the 50s with 60s coming tomorrow.

I haven't been updating very regularly lately, and it isn't so much because school has been so time-consuming, but rather it's demanded most of my focus this past month or so. But that's a good thing - I like having a worth challenge around to keep my mind occupied. We have 5 weeks left in the semester, then I'll enjoy my first full Colorado summer. I'm looking forward to hikes and climbs, as well as plenty of Rockies games in Denver and minor league Sky Sox games in Colorado Springs. In-between I'll have plenty of time to get work done, preparing myself for the next school year, working around the house, and finishing my masters degree.

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