Great Sand Dunes National Park

Here's a story I've been following for quite a long time. Today Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton officially reclassified Colorado's Great Sand Dunes as our newest national park. When I first heard about this a couple years ago, I had been to the dunes but had no idea that I'd soon be living a few hours away from them. It is an amazing place, and hiking to the top of High Dune is a must. I did it again earlier this summer, and if my plans hold for this weekend I'll be climbing Kit Carson Peak, a 14er that is now part of the park thanks to the purchase and annexation of the Baca Ranch. Now I've been to three of the four Colorado national parks - Great Sand Dunes, Rocky Mountain, and Mesa Verde. Looks like I need to head down US 50 to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison to complete the set!

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