New Year, New Post

I'm finally catching onto this Web 2.0 stuff. I created a Google account and started poking around at all the new tools. First I started playing with Google Docs and Spreadsheets and even using a spreadsheet collaboratively with a fellow teacher. Cool stuff. I setup a Gmail account, although I'll be sticking with my regular account for my primary email. Maybe the best find was Google Reader, an RSS feed reader. I had been using the Sage extension for Firefox, but Google Reader is much nicer. As a news junkie with dialup internet access, feed readers are a necessity. (I'm currently off dialup...more on that later, along with other news on where I'm at and what I'm doing.) I've also started using Google Notebook and Google Calendar, although neither with much frequency.

Eventually this all had to lead back to what was probably my first Web 2.0 tool, Blogger. I've been a Blogger user since the end of 2001 (sparingly, I admit, but I was a Blogger Pro user before the Google acquisition) and I wanted to check out their new layout tools. It was a nice way to spend a day off (snow day!) and now I have a new blog post for a new year. I'm sure it will be no more than another year before the next one.

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