March "Matness" 2011

The NCAA Division I wrestling tournament starts tomorrow and I thought I'd throw out a few hastily-chosen predictions for the finals and team race:

125: Robles (AZST) over McDonough (IOWA)
133: Graff (WISC) over Long (PSU)
141: Thorn (MINN) over Russell (MICH)
149: Caldwell (NCSU) over LeValley (BUCK)
157: Taylor (PSU) over Jenkins (AZST)
165: Burroughs (NEB) over Howe (WISC)
174: Reader (ISU) over Lewnes (CORN)
184: Bozak (CORN) over Rutt (WISC)
197: Simaz (CORN) over Foster (OKST)
HWT: Trice (CMICH) over Bradley (MIZZ)

If any of those finals matches even happen, I'll be shocked. I really didn't spend much time on them, but a Taylor-Jenkins match at 157 could be the story of the tournament (unless Robles wins a title, which I would love to see). Here are my predictions for the team race:

1. Cornell
2. Penn State
3. Oklahoma St
4. Iowa

So while the rest of you figure out your brackets of 68, I'll be focused on the 330 wrestlers hitting the mats this weekend in Philadelphia. There are only 3 UNI wrestlers in the tournament, but we've got a good shot at at least one All-American, which would match last year's efforts. Go Bonin, Loder, and Brantley!

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