I did considerably better with my predictions today, correctly identifying 13 of the 16 winners. I missed on Hawaii, Florida, and Texas Tech. The Texas Tech loss hurt the worst - I had planned on some Bobby Knight magic to take them to the round of 8. I'm quite happy about the Creighton win - I didn't think they'd do it, but this puts both Kansas and Creighton one win away from playing each other in the round of 16. My hometown would go nuts over a Kansas/Creighton matchup because we have a hometown kid playing for each team - Nick Collison for Kansas and Mike Lindeman for Creighton. Creighton is going to have to beat an awfully tough Illinois team that more than a few people think could make it to the final four, and Kansas is going to have to get over this "funk" that they've been in and play the kind of basketball they played most of the season.

In other news, I decided today that I'm going to take a trip for Spring Break (which started today). Nothing quite like planning in advance, eh? Anyway, I'm headed for Colorado on Sunday and I'll be gone for 5 days. I have no real specific plans other than to get across Nebraska as quickly and painlessly as possible - really, I'm just anxious to visit with a few old friends and to see a skyline of snowy peaks. I'm sure I'll check in at least once or twice while I'm away.

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