Viewer discretion is advised...

For not having HBO or Cinemax or any of those premium cable channels, I sure seemed to hear a lot of foul language on TV today. You have to listen closely, but there's the occasional expletive to be heard during a college basketball game. I always wondered if the networks cringe or smile when they know that the people at home just heard something that would normally be bleeped out. Then ESPN premiered "A Season on the Brink", the story of Bobby Knight and the Indiana Hoosiers during the 1985-1986 season. Interestingly, ESPN went no-holds-barred on the language on their main network, but offered a simultaneous edited version of the movie on ESPN2. I thought the movie was pretty interesting, but during a commercial my attention was solidly grabbed by the CBS special "9|11". It was by far the best documentary I've seen about last September's attacks, and if you missed it, then hope for a DVD release or at least yearly replays. The documentary was a project that began long before September 11th and followed a new firefighter in the New York fire department. The fateful events of that day turned that project into much more than was ever envisioned, and CBS did a very nice job in airing it with a minimum of interruptions. I'm sure I'll see the rest of "A Season on the Brink" someday, and I wonder if ESPN will take much heat for the language. Given the nature of their broadcast, I'm sure CBS won't (or shouldn't).

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